Clean Lemon Room Spray

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My grandmother was what I now refer to as a hoot. (Southern term, I believe.) I remember being at her house once when she was expecting her bridge group and she started cleaning. I watched her spray Lemon Pledge in the air and thought she had lost her mind. I asked if I could help and bring a dustrag. She laughed and said “No, honey, we don’t have time to Real Clean. We’re just going for Smell Clean.” And now between three boys, two dogs and an outdoorsy spouse, I totally get it. Smell Clean is the best I’ve got somedays. It took me a while to match that scent, though, without the aerosol and creepy slick feeling that it left behind. We call it Room Spray, but it’s couch/shower curtain/kitchen rug, office chair spray. I think my Mamaw would approve.

Details: 4 fluid ounces. Blue glass spray bottle.

Ingredients: distilled water, organic witch hazel, essential oils