Sisal Soap Saver

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Remember that bar of soap that looked like a whole bunch of soaps squished together at your grandmother's house? I do, and she had the right idea. Soap savers are a great way to use up those little scraps of soap that are too small for your hands or if you want to double duty your exfoliation and your getting clean. Simply put those scraps in the bag, pull the drawstring, wet the bag in the sink or shower for a little bit to soften the material, and use the bag as a wash cloth. It creates an amazing lather, and the material helps exfoliate dirt and dead skin. After use, just hang it in the shower by the drawstring and let it dry between uses. Also great for dish soap bars in the kitchen. And for travelling. You may need a few. 

Details: Natural sisal, home compostable, 100% cotton thread

Size: 4 X 5.25"