Tub Tea

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Have you seen all those fancy Instagram baths with flowers and oranges and candles floating in the tub? All I can think when I see those is “Who cleans that sh#* up?” If I’m all relaxed after that soak, I do not want to have to scrub the tub or worry that the chamomile is gonna clog my 50 year old pipes!

Tub Tea to the rescue! Yup, it’s a tea bag for your tub. Filled with herbs and flowers and salts and ALL the goodies. Toss it in, run the water, chill. It comes in a muslin bag that you can empty, launder and use for whatever else you might need an adorable bag for. (Jewelry? Paper clips? Loose diamonds?)

Comes with one each of three formulas:

Relax: With an oatmeal base for soothing skin, let the lavender and bergamot leaves whisk your mind to more chill times.

Detox: Designed to draw out impurities while you sit and soak. With Activated charcoal, bentonite clay, epsom salts, scented with mint and eucalyptus leaves.

Fresh: Green tea, dried oranges and ginger blend with arrowroot powder for a silky, renewed you.

Share one with a friend. Or your spouse. Or hang on to them all....there will be more Mondays.